Wednesday, November 11, 2015

6MMRPC Wrap-Up and Blog Milestone

As we're approaching the end of the 2nd Annual 6-Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge (6MMRPC), I wanted to take a moment to evaluate my progress, provide an update to my goings-on, and celebrate a blog milestone.

6MMRPC Wrap-Up
I would call my personal results for the 6MMRPC to be an overwhelming success.  I have painted a significant number of figures since the challenge started back in June, even with everything else going on (just check out my 6MMRPC Midway Report as proof).  While I didn't get as much accomplished during the second half and I fell short a couple of targets on my 6MMRPC Hit List, I did complete my Edofleini core set from COUNTERBLAST, as well as dabble with both Rum & Bones and Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King figures.  I even got a few more Bones I figures done - still working my way toward that "Vampire Slayer" title!

So, with almost three weeks left for the 2nd Annual 6MMRPC, why am I providing a wrap-up now?  Well, that leads us to my next point...

General Update
If you've been following my blog (and I certainly hope you have!), you'll notice I've majorly slacked off in activity over the past few weeks.  That wasn't hobby burnout so much as life saying, "Hey, come deal with me!".  The good news is that I have really good news:  I will be moving in the coming weeks to pursue a new professional opportunity, for which I'm really excited.  The bad news is that it will totally screw with my ability to paint, since I'll be relocating and readjusting over the next few weeks (if not months).

So with that said, my progress with 6MMRPC is pretty much done.  However, in the frenzy of painting I managed to miss a nice milestone on my blog!

Blog Milestone
A couple of posts ago was my 200th post on the blog.  Wow!  That's 200 figures that have been completed (more or less - some of my posts aren't for a completed figure [like this one!], but other posts include multiple figures) since I started this blog in earnest back in 2013.  When I started blogging, I did so for two reasons.

The first reason was simply to provide an archive of the figures I'd completed, so I could refer back to them and see what I did.  It also gave me a way to track my progress, which is something that can be very hard to notice from figure to figure.

The second reason I started the blog was to hopefully help others in the hobby.  Whether it was someone starting out who was curious about how a figure gets from "bare metal/plastic" to "complete", or if it was a more experienced painter who was just looking for ideas or inspiration for their own models.  I hope I have provided something to the readers, even if it's just a nice picture or an idea of what not to do!

In closing, I would like to thank you for following my work.  I hope it's provided you with information or entertainment (or both), and maybe helped you with your own miniatures.  Once I get settled, I absolutely plan to get back to painting - I have more than enough figures waiting!

- M:M

Super Dungeon Explore: Pets (Part 2)

At long last, the remaining three Pets from Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King have been completed!  Here are the final three Pets:  Madam Hilde, The Colonel, and Lord Gruff.