Monday, September 7, 2015

6MMRPC Midway Report

Copying the idea of a "midway report" for the 6MMRPC from Richard Barnes' Flames of Nerd blog, I wanted to provide a quick recap of the progress made during the last three months.  Granted, the halfway point was technically at the beginning of September, but I did get a late start on the 6MMRPC so it sort of works out.

Here is my current progress on my 6MMRPC Hit List:

  1. (2) Troops of Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orcs (Kings of War) - completed
  2. (5) Security Forces squad (Salvage Crew) - completed
  3. (2) Orcs and (9) Goblins (Reaper Bones) - completed
  4. Demon Marbrezuk (Reaper Dark Heaven) - completed
  5. Deathsleet or Ebonwrath (Reaper Bones) - Deathsleet completed
  6. (3) Doctrine Novitiates (Relic Knights) - completed
  7. (6) Salvage Crew freelancers (Salvage Crew) - completed
  8. (4) Pirates (Reaper Bones) - completed
  9. (8) Edofleini core set (Counterblast) - currently being prepped
  10. (7) Robots and Drones (Counterblast) - no progress 
  11. (9) Robots and Drones (Salvage Crew) - no progress
As you can see, I've pretty much been moving in order down my list.  When I first drafted my 6MMRPC Hit List in June, I tried to mix up genres, game systems, and even material (plastic vs. metal) between my targets.  I think that was definitely a good call, as it's kept the challenge fresh and avoided potential burnout on any one thing.  That's definitely something I would recommend to any 6MMRPC participants who might have lost steam partway through.

As you can see, in addition to my "official" targets I've also completed a variety of other figures.  I'm still looking to finish the Bones I Vampire Set and earn the "Vampire Slayer" accolade (however unofficial it may be!).  I'm also really excited about Kings of War, and that's inspired me to dig out and repurpose some old Warhammer Fantasy models that have been lying in storage for years now.

For the less-than-great news:  I've totally lost track of Jokers.  Unfortunately, because I've been painting such an erratic selection of miniatures, it's hard to determine how many Jokers I've legitimately earned.  Also, my aforementioned excitement for Kings of War has resulted in a few eBay purchases to round out potential units (but by more than just a couple of figures, so they don't fall under that exemption on purchases).  And that's not including spending on the Bones III Kickstarter (um... let's not talk about that).

In conclusion, I think I'm doing very well in terms of painting existing figures.  I expect to complete my 6MMRPC Hit List by the end of the challenge, as long as I don't get too distracted by other projects along the way.  However, in terms of new purchases I've probably deviated and need to rein that in.  Still, the "mountain of metal (and plastic)" is slowly diminishing!

- M:M