Monday, August 30, 2010

Necromunda: Scavvy with Scattercannon

I decided to try out a grungy look on one of my newly-primered Scavvies. Since the Scalies are pretty simple (in terms of different equipment & clothing to paint), I decided to start with one of them. I wanted to do something a little different than Games Workshop's usual "bright and cheery" style. After all, Necromunda is a dark and dirty place, and the Scavvies have to live in the nastiest areas!

Necromunda - Scavvies
Scaly with Scattercannon

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Necromunda: Gang of Scavvies

Just to prove I haven't been neglecting my hobby, here's my latest project:

Necromunda - Scavvies

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greatcoat Shock Troops (and a Hydra)

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I've been waiting for a box of Wargames Factory's new Greatcoat Shock Troops to arrive. Well, they finally did (last week), and I got a squad assembled. I plan on converting them into Plague Commandos of Demnogonis (a Dark Legion faction from Warzone). Below is a pic of the squad assembled, but lacking bases (unfortunately, these are not included):

Wargames Factory
Greatcoat Shock Troops

Warzone Dark Legion: Undead Legionnaires of Ilian

As a change of pace from all the characters I've been painting lately, I decided to tackle a squad of "line troops" - in this case, Undead Legionnaires from the Dark Legion. These are the lowliest of their troops, formed from the remains of soldiers slain on the battlefield and reanimated with the power of Dark Technology.

These particular Undead Legionnaire models were a later mold, released as a boxed set by Target Games. I much prefer the older models (of which I have a few), which look much more like former Corporate troops. These models look significantly different (robes, spiky armor, etc), so I wasn't sure how to incorporate them until I came across a description online here that gave me the idea of dedicating them to Ilian. Ilian seems to play up the mystical aspects of the Dark Legion, and so having Undead Legionnaires that look more like typical fantasy undead made sense. I had my inspiration!

Warzone - Dark Legion
Undead Legionnaires of Ilian