Saturday, October 16, 2010


As soon as I saw the "John Bishop, Space Marshal" miniature from Reaper Miniatures, I knew what had to be done:

Reaper Miniatures
John Bishop, Space Marshal
(AKA Bravestarr)

The armor pieces were painted Ultramarines Blue, with a slight GW Sky Blue Ink wash. The "shirt" was painted with a mix of Sun Yellow and Dead White, which resulted in a kind of buttery yellow (I added a very slight Sun Yellow wash to give in a little more yellow). The shoulder pads and legs were painted with a mix of Plague Brown and Gold Yellow for a mustard-yellow look. I used Gory Red for the areas on the forearms, abdomen, back cannister, and breathing tube. The metal areas are Chainmail Silver for the pistols and backpack, and Silver for the badge & belt buckles. The boots & belts were painted with Leather Brown, and given a Chestnut Ink wash. Hat & gloves were painted Dead White, with a slight wash of Ghost Grey to tone it down a bit. Finally, the skin was painted Parasite Brown, with a Flesh Wash, while the hair is simply Coal Black.

I had to take a few liberties, as this miniature is more cybernetic, but overall I'd say I got a pretty close match! Considering the garish colors Bravestarr is normally sporting (which a Google Images search will quickly reveal), it's a wonder this miniature turned out as decent as it did. There are a few spots that need touching up, and I need to paint the hat's band Ultramarines Blue, but it was close enough to done to post a couple pictures!

Overall, I'm pleased with it and hope that the miniature will stir up memories of Bravestarr for those who grew up in the 80s. ;)

Monday, August 30, 2010

First of the Scavvies - Scaly

I decided to try out a grungy look on one of my newly-primered Scavvies. Since the Scalies are pretty simple (in terms of different equipment & clothing to paint), I decided to start with one of them. I wanted to do something a little different than Games Workshop's usual "bright and cheery" style. After all, Necromunda is a dark and dirty place, and the Scavvies have to live in the nastiest areas!

Necromunda - Scavvies
Scaly with Scattercannon

Unlike the standard GW style, which has the Scalies as all green, I wanted to make it apparent that they 1) were originally human and 2) an unstable mutant strain. I decided to go with Dwarf Skin as a base, and used a semi-drybrush/smudging technique with Cayman Green to transition from fleshy areas to scaly areas on the body. The scales were painted using Scurvy Green, to make them stand out just a little more. The bandages, claws, and teeth were painted with Bonewhite, and the belt & pouches painted with Leather Brown.

The scattercannon was basecoated with Coal Black, then Tinny Tin, and finally given a heavy drybrushing of Gunmetal to (hopefully) achieve a rusted look. The ankle cuff and cannon's stock was painted with Charred Brown, and drybrushed with Dark Fleshtone. The cannon's brackets are Glorious Gold.

The entire miniature was given several brown washes, mainly with Didi's Magic Ink, though there was one of GW Flesh Wash. This really helped bring the level of "grunge" I was going for, most notably on the bandages and the scattercannon. The brown washes also helped merge the fleshy & scaly areas of skin, so the contrast between them wasn't so sharp.

Overall, I'm pleased with how the figure turned out. I'll probably try something a little different on the Scaly armed with a Speargun, just as an experiment. After all, they're mutants, so they can look pretty different from one another.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gang of Scavvies

Just to prove I haven't been neglecting my hobby, here's my latest project:

Necromunda - Scavvies

Scavvies are the utter dregs of society in the Underhive, the lowest of the low. Exiled from even the shady realm of House gangs and "respectable" Underhive communities, the Scavvies are a wretched lot (and often mutants to one degree or another, and even practice cannibalism in times of need). They are scavengers of the worst areas of the Underhive, and occasionally will rally around a particularly cunning and ruthless leader to threaten settlements and raid more lucrative targets.

Gameplay-wise, I've never gotten a chance to play with Scavvies, but their tactics seem to center around using larger numbers of troops. The basic Scavvy (which form the core of the gang) are 25 creds, which is the same price as a standard gang's Juves. Unfortunately, Scavvies tend to suck, and their weapons are twice as likely to fail (1 in 3 chance, versus 1 in 6 with other gangs). On top of that, cash is hard to come by, as they're an Outlander gang and are limited to holding only one Territory at a time. I know they got changed up a bit in the newer incarnation of Necromunda, so I'll have to read through the rules for them again.

There are a couple of Scalies (in the back), a few of mutants (two Claws and one Extra Arm), and even a couple of Plague Zombies (over on the right). One thing of note is that Scavvies don't seem to have an option for shotguns anymore, but they have a worse alternative called a scattergun. Fortunately, they pretty much look the same, so I don't have to go modding a lot of minis. I may add a few more mutations to the mix, as they seem like some pretty effective (and characterful) options for the gang.

I actually have a few more Scavvies on top of this which need to be assembled & primed. They are the new "modular" molds, which come with multiple weapon options. Hopefully that will help round out the gang and bulk it up to be a force to be feared due to sheer numbers, if not for the skill of the individuals.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greatcoat Shock Troops and a Hydra!

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I've been waiting for a box of Wargames Factory's new Greatcoat Shock Troops to arrive. Well, they finally did (last week), and I got a squad assembled. I plan on converting them into Plague Commandos of Demnogonis (a Dark Legion faction from Warzone). Below is a pic of the squad assembled, but lacking bases (unfortunately, these are not included):

Wargames Factory
Greatcoat Shock Troops

I actually have one "extra" officer that I constructed (holding the pistol), before I realized that the Plague Commando Sergeant (the squad leader) has an assault rifle as well. Guess that figure will be put on standby. Also note that this is not the entire box of Shock Troops; the box comes with enough parts for 18 figures (and a lot of extra bits).

I also finished up a project I had stalled out on many weeks ago: a Hydra from Reaper Miniatures. I've had this guy for quite a while, and finally finished him up (he was only lacking some finishing touches). I really like the miniature, and it's much more impressive than several past hydra miniatures I've seen.

Reaper Miniatures

I don't recall exactly what all colors I painted, but I think it was Scaly Green (majority) and Camo Green (underside) from my old Games Workshop paints. The body was given a fairly strong Brown Ink wash, which turned the Camo Green into a surprising green-brown color (I'll have to remember it!). I finished it up today with Vallejo paints, however. Sun Yellow & Coal Black for the eyes, and Bonewhite and GW's Flesh Wash for the claws and teeth. A couple of the eyes are sloppier that I wanted (I was going for a reptilian slit-pupil appearance), but overall I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Warzone Dark Legion: Undead Legionnaires of Ilian

As a change of pace from all the characters I've been painting lately, I decided to tackle a squad of "line troops" - in this case, Undead Legionnaires from the Dark Legion. These are the lowliest of their troops, formed from the remains of soldiers slain on the battlefield and reanimated with the power of Dark Technology.

These particular Undead Legionnaire models were a later mold, released as a boxed set by Target Games. I much prefer the older models (of which I have a few), which look much more like former Corporate troops. These models look significantly different (robes, spiky armor, etc), so I wasn't sure how to incorporate them until I came across a description online here that gave me the idea of dedicating them to Ilian. Ilian seems to play up the mystical aspects of the Dark Legion, and so having Undead Legionnaires that look more like typical fantasy undead made sense. I had my inspiration!

Warzone - Dark Legion
Undead Legionnaires of Ilian

The Undead Legionnaires were painted with a mix of Hexed Lichen (robes & clothing) and Imperial Blue (armor). The skin was painted with Pale Flesh, and given several washes of Didi's Brown Ink. Boots and gloves were painted with Leather Brown, and washed with the same ink. The clothing and armor were washed with GW's Purple Ink and Sky Blue Ink, respectively. Chainmail Silver was used for armor spikes, rivets, and other minor details. The ridged areas on the Kratach assault rifles was painted with Magic Blue, to give it some color. After the model was done and given the protective matt spray-coat, I went back and added gloss varnish to the armor, as I wanted it to be somewhat shiny.

Necromutant of Ilian

The Necromutant serves as the squad leader for the Undead Legionnaires. At first, I mistook the model as another Legionnaire (though an oddly spiky and impressive one), before looking at the rulebook and seeing that it was probably a Necromutant. The model has the same paint scheme as the rest of the unit (for cohesion), but the flesh was painted Filthy Brown and given several washes of Didi's Brown Ink. The bony spikes were painted with Bonewhite, and washed with the same ink. The bayonet on the Belzarach assault rifle was given a light wash (same ink), just to make it look a little dirty.

Also noticeable is the fact that I actually finished the bases on these models! This was done with some ballast and a mix of Elmer's glue and water. Another addition was the green marker to determine forward facing. I saw these at a convention many years ago, and thought it was a brilliant addition. It saves a lot of argument in games of Necromunda, as well. I used Livery Green, which is the brightest green in the Vallejo Game Colors line.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sci-Fi Greatcoat Shock Troops

I finally received a box of the new Sci-Fi Shock Troops in Greatcoats from Wargames Factory (courtesy of TheWarStore!). Apparently there were some delays due to shipping from China, as they were originally due out in May.

This is the first product I've gotten from Wargames Factory, and I'm pleased with the quality. My only complaint is the lack of bases for the figures. They have a semi-base molded onto their feet, but I find they can rarely stand up on their own once the arms and weapons are added.

That aside, I'm very pleased with the variety of "bits" on the sprue. Each sprue contains three bodies, 14 heads, 6 rifles (3 each of two different styles), a pistol, a flamer, and a grenade launcher. In addition, there are three ammo pouches, two knives, two canteens, and a holstered pistol. Quite a load for a single sprue!

I look forward to getting this bunch assembled & painted, as well as seeing what Wargames Factory releases next.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Warzone Dark Legion: Warlord Stahler, Reaper of Souls

Two more minis down; as I said, Stahler's second form was my next project, which I can now mark off the list.

Warzone - Dark Legion
Stahler in Carcass Armor

As I mentioned in my previous post, Warlord Stahler is a turncoat Bauhaus traitor now loyal to the Dark Legion. In the game, when Stahler gets wounded, there's a chance he loses control, causing him to flip out and kill people. Wait, no, that's what the next guy does. Stahler goes berserk and pops into his Carcass Armor (don't ask me how you get into a meat suit) to go on a murderous rampage.

I thought painting this mini was going to be fairly easy, since it's basically just meat and bones. Surprisingly, it gave me more grief than I was expecting. I used Bonewhite for the majority of it, and Gory Red for the meaty bits. Stahler's hair was done as before (base of Wolf Grey with heavy Dead White drybrushing). I used the standard Bronze Fleshtone for his skin. The wounds on his head (one is visible in the third picture) are painted with Bloody Red, to make them look a little more fresh. I also painted his eyes Bloody Red, as there is obviously an element of the supernatural about the Carcass Armor (and it emphasizes his berserk state). The bone areas got a liberal does of brown ink wash (I use Didi's Magic Ink, from, and a slightly lighter wash on the muscular areas. Despite being relatively bright & warm colors, I wanted it to have a darker effect, since the Carcass Armor is anything but natural. The bone areas were finished off with a drybrushing of Dead White, especially on the claws and spikes.

Warzone - Dark Legion
Reaper of Souls

As I mentioned above, the Reaper of Souls is an assassin for the Dark Legion Cultists. Their Soulscythe can do considerable damage to mortal foes. There's obviously a "Grim Reaper" aspect going on here.

I originally wanted to keep his color scheme in line with my other Cultists, to tie them together visually. However, the crimson stood out horribly when I tried it for his torso (I hesitate to say "shirt"). The cloak & shoes are Coal Black, and the pants are Royal Purple. However, due to the crimson not working well, I chose Night Blue for his top & the lining of the hood. I tried another (darker) blue, but it was too close to black and did not work well. The Soulscythe was painted Gunmetal and Glorious Gold (which was also used on the pendant). The haft was given a Black Ink wash (GW paints), and the whole thing given a wash of Didi's Brown Ink. The edge of the blade was lined with Silver. The mask was painted Gunmetal, and given a Black Ink wash, then highlighted, as well.

The tattoos were an afterthought, as the miniature was done and looking pretty good. However, I thought the large areas of exposed skin were kind of... odd. I can see the Reaper having tattoos (whether mystical or symbolic), as they are high-ranking members of the Dark Legion Cult. I chose to go with Gory Red, to keep them from being too bright. In the second picture above, you can see the runes of Ilian and Semai, and on the back of the arm are Demnogonis and Algeroth. Mixed in are some random markings, some of which were attempts at the alchemical signs for the planets (listed in the 2nd Ed. Warzone book, "Chronicles of War"). On his right arm, I was originally going to paint kill hash-marks, but instead decided to try the Arashikage Clan symbol (as a nod to G.I. Joe). I've never tried freehanding designs, and despite their being somewhat sloppy, I'm reasonably pleased with them.

I haven't decided what's next on the list. After all the characters lately, I think I should take a break and work on some grunts. I've got a batch of freshly-primed Screaming Legionnaires ready, and Muawijhe has yet to be represented here!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Warzone Dark Legion: Aeonian Justifier, Technomancer, Warlord Stahler

I finished up three Warzone miniatures this afternoon. The bases still need work, but the figures themselves are complete (or near enough so). Note that all paints listed are from the Vallejo Game Colors line; I prefer the texture and dispenser of this line to the Citadel lineup. Inks/washes used are from the Citadel line, however.

Warzone - Dark Legion
Aeonian Justifier*

* While the name is usually spelled "Eaonian" in some versions of Warzone, it is likely that this is a typo'd version of "Aeonian", from the root word "aeon" or "eon". As such, I'm using the alternate version.

The Aeonian Justifier is a torturer, so I wanted the tools of his trade to stand out a bit at the front of his belt. They've got a somewhat insectile appearance, and I avoided adding pupils in an effort to make them feel more "alien". I used a yellow-brown (Filthy Brown) color for the skin, which worked out quite well. The robes are Scarlet Red, and the metal pieces are a combination of Brassy Brass and Gunmetal Metal (the tools up front are Silver).

Warzone - Dark Legion

I'm not entirely sure what the deal is with the Technomancers. They can repair Dark Technology constructs, so they fulfill something of a support role, but they carry around the massive Nazgaroth HMG and function as a Division Commander. They also have Necrobionics, which explains how they can lug around that huge gun.

I wanted to keep my cultists tied together with their color scheme, so I continued the use of black, crimson, and purple on the Technomancer. The robes are Scarlet Red, and the shoulderplates are Royal Purple. Again, the metal is a combination of Gunmetal and Brassy Brass, with a light-moderate Black Ink wash. I painted his limbs in the same metallics, as I wanted to convey the "Necrobionic" (i.e., cybernetic) enhancements which explain his being capable of wielding such a huge weapon. The scar on his forehead (in the shape of Algeroth's rune) was a combination of Leather Brown, with a very light Red Ink wash on top (and came out looking like it was rather freshly carved).

Warzone - Dark Legion

Lord Erwin Stahler (now just Warlord Stahler) is a former Bauhaus noble who has sworn allegiance to the Dark Legion (and Algeroth's Nepharite Golgotha, in particular). He has minor Channeling powers, and serves as a Division Commander for Dark Legion Cultists. His more fearsome form (encased in Carcass Armor) is next on my to-do list.

Stahler's uniform is Imperial Blue, with Moon Yellow for the gold (yellow) details (some of this early work was done with GW paints). The buttons and Bauhaus gears on the epaulets are Glorious Gold, as are the highlights on his pistol. The rest of the pistol is Chainmail Silver. I used the gold/silver combo, as I wanted his pistol to look like an exquisite work of art fitting as a sidearm for a Bauhaus noble!

His hair is a base of Wolf Grey, with moderate-heavy white highlights. Skin is Bronze Fleshtone with a couple of brown washes (in retrospect, I wouldn't have done this, as I doubt Bauhaus nobility gets a lot of sun). Shoes and belt are Coal Black.

I haven't attempted this level of detail on a miniature in quite some time, and I've very pleased with how it turned out. I feel that my brushes were the limiting factor, and the reason I had to go back and touch-up when painting the trim & eyes. Guess it's time to invest in some better brushes!