Monday, December 29, 2014

Salvage Crew Saga: SC21 Rapidfire

The next figure in the Salvage Crew Saga has been completed:  SC21.  It seems the catalog shows the figure as SC19, but the web store lists it as SC21, so that's the one I'm going with.  This figure has a cybernetic eye and arm, and is wielding what seems to be a light machine gun.

The random color generator results for this figure were orange (2), purple (6), and red (1).

SC21 - Codename: Rapidfire

Subject served in the security forces of the Zhukov Consortium, and was involved in heavy fighting in the Gamma Rhada system.  Rapidfire was critically wounded in action, and was supplemented with combat cybernetics.  While still serving part-time with the Zhukov Consortium, Rapidfire supplements this with income from freelance jobs in an effort to pay off the expensive debts incurred by his cybernetics.  His implants allow him to more easily wield heavy weapons, and his cyber-eye assists with target acquisition and range-finding.

Reaper Bones: Lizardman Warrior

After sitting on my desk for a couple weeks, I finally managed to finish the third and final lizardman from Bones I (this one from the New 30 set):  77050 Lizardman Warrior.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Salvage Crew Saga: SC17 Bull-Rush

Today I finished the fourth of the Salvage Crew figures, SC17.  Aside from being a fat guy, he is clearly a close-ranged fighter with a short "shotgun pistol" and bundle of explosives.

The "random color assignment" results were green (4), blue (5), and yellow (3).

SC17 - Codename: Bull-Rush

Subject served in security forces during the Northbeam-Microfarer Conflict in Delta Herculis.  Bull-Rush received training in explosives and demolitions, and gained a reputation (and his codename) for his aptitude with close quarters combat and rushing enemy locations.  Following the drawdown of corporate security forces following the conflict, subject shifted to freelance work.  Bull-Rush has since been hired out by various salvage operations to assist with breaching old wrecks and using his expertise with explosives to dismantle valuable salvage for retrieval.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reaper Bones: Deladrin, Female Assassin

For whatever reason, this has seemed like a long week (probably due to the holidays).  Most of my painting time was spent on a regiment of 20 Goblin Spitters from Mantic's Kings of War line (almost complete; look for them in a future post).  Goblins aside, I managed to complete another figure for the Monday Miniatures challenge:  77035 Deladrin, Female Assassin from the New 30 set.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Salvage Crew Saga: SC36 Crosshair

The third figure completed as part of the Salvage Crew Saga is SC36, who is clearly a sniper/sharpshooter.  This figure is pretty straightforward without a lot of extra kit, but I think that works for the role it's designed for.

The "random color assignment" results were orange (2), green (4), and purple (6).

SC36 - Codename: Crosshair

Subject grew up in the reclamation zone colonies of Lambda Delphini IV, before attempts to sanitize the toxic waste dumps were abandoned.  While the colonists were issued adequate protective gear and supplies, the toxicity of the environment required a constant mindfulness when outside the habi-domes.  Mutated wildlife was a constant plague on the settlements, and this is where the subject's superior sharpshooting skills were developed.  Once the reclamation colony was abandoned, the subject found ready work as a salvager, specializing in toxic environments and perimeter security.  Crosshair's equipment is all designed to function in highly toxic conditions, far beyond the failure point of standard gear.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Reaper CAV: Ace Core Group

This week I received the Ace Core Group from Reaper's recent CAV Kickstarter.  The goal of the Kickstarter was to fund the transition of several CAV miniatures from metal to Bones.  While I'm not hugely into "mech combat", I did enjoy BattleTech back in my youth and thought the figures would be a nice change of pace to paint even if I never got to try the CAV game.

As with any Bones figures, the first step is a quick boil-and-freeze cycle to help reset the figures to their natural pose and straighten any bent parts.