Monday, July 11, 2011

Reaper Dark Heaven: 02218 Abraxus

Another example of Reaper Miniatures' fine sculpts, today I'm posting my completed version of 02218 Abraxus:

The skin was painting Gory Red, and highlighted with Bloody Red. The belts and loincloth are Beasty Brown with GW Chestnut Ink.

I wanted a shade of green for the cloak, to make both it and his skin stand out more, but I didn't want to go with a standard "forest green" look. Instead, I used Scurvy Green, followed by a GW Green Wash, and highlighted first with Dark Green, and then Jade Green. The initial Dark Green highlights really didn't stand out, so I went with Jade Green for a stronger effect.

The axe, belt buckle, and chest piece (I hesitate to call that "armor") was painted Bright Bronze, followed by Glorious Gold highlights (particularly heavy on the axe's blade & spike). I used a basic Chaos Black for the haft. The horns, claws, and skulls (hanging from Abraxus' belt) were painted Bonewhite, followed by a GW Chestnut Ink wash, and then highlighted with Bonewhite once more.

His base was finished off with Earth. I started to go for more of a red-clay look on the back (near Abraxus' tail), but it wasn't working out well and I liked the amount of contrast between the base and Abraxus' legs/feet. I'll get around to touching up the base eventually.

I'm quite pleased with how Abraxus turned out (and how quickly - I completed him in an evening, not including priming). I went pretty heavy on the highlights on him (at least, compared to my usual highlighting), and I think the more dramatic color shifts work well given his relatively few details (especially with the large surface area of his cloak). I'm also pleased how the turquoise/jade green makes him look a little different, while still giving a good amount of contrast.

- M:M