Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reaper Chronoscope: John Bishop, Space Marshal (Bravestarr!)

As soon as I saw the "John Bishop, Space Marshal" miniature from Reaper Miniatures, I knew what had to be done:

Reaper Miniatures
(AKA Bravestarr)

The armor pieces were painted Ultramarines Blue, with a slight GW Sky Blue Ink wash. The "shirt" was painted with a mix of Sun Yellow and Dead White, which resulted in a kind of buttery yellow (I added a very slight Sun Yellow wash to give in a little more yellow). The shoulder pads and legs were painted with a mix of Plague Brown and Gold Yellow for a mustard-yellow look. I used Gory Red for the areas on the forearms, abdomen, back cannister, and breathing tube. The metal areas are Chainmail Silver for the pistols and backpack, and Silver for the badge & belt buckles. The boots & belts were painted with Leather Brown, and given a Chestnut Ink wash. Hat & gloves were painted Dead White, with a slight wash of Ghost Grey to tone it down a bit. Finally, the skin was painted Parasite Brown, with a Flesh Wash, while the hair is simply Coal Black.

I had to take a few liberties, as this miniature is more cybernetic, but overall I'd say I got a pretty close match! Considering the garish colors Bravestarr is normally sporting (which a Google Images search will quickly reveal), it's a wonder this miniature turned out as decent as it did. There are a few spots that need touching up, and I need to paint the hat's band Ultramarines Blue, but it was close enough to done to post a couple pictures!

Overall, I'm pleased with it and hope that the miniature will stir up memories of Bravestarr for those who grew up in the 80s. ;-)

- M:M