Sunday, March 31, 2013

Descent: Journeys In The Dark (Quest) - A Fat Goblin

Quest I - A Fat Goblin

Having triumphed over Mauler the Ettin and his goblin lackeys, the two heroes made their way to Arhynn.  The mighty dwarf Berserker Grisban the Thirsty sought out the nearest tavern, while the devout Avric Albright paid his respects at the temple as befit a Disciple.  While in Arhynn, the heroes heard tales of increasing goblin raids on the nearby farmlands.  Joined by the Runecaster, Leoric of the Book, they outfitted themselves with provisions and journeyed north.

Shortly after leaving Arhynn, the group came upon a sage traveling to the city.  Thanks to a quick exchange of information between the sage and Leoric, the heroes were able to avoid some of the goblin raiding parties in the area.  [Leoric won the Knowledge test for the Travel Event, so one Overlord Card was discarded]

The heroes continued their uneventful journey and arrived at the northern farms only to find them under attack by goblins and villagers fleeing in panic!  Rushing to the villagers' defense, Grisban held off the goblins' pet cave spiders while Avric and Leoric rushed ahead.  The goblin archers were intent on stealing the village's harvest, and managed to escape with two bundles before Avric and Leoric could secure the remaining crops.  [The Overlord escaped with two bundles of crops, but the heroes secured the remaining two.  Grisban remained behind to hold off the cave spiders, which gave him a hard time and took him down once.  However, his dwarf constitution (and the amount of alcohol he drinks) let him easily shrug off the effects of the cave spiders' poison!]

Once the goblins saw that they wouldn't get any more of the crops, they fled back to their nearby lair.  According to one of the villagers, his brother Frederick and several others had been kidnapped.  The heroes gave chase, easily tracking the goblins' sloppy movements to the cave entrance.  Once inside, the heroes stayed together and fought past yet more cave spiders and a very tough ettin.  [The lack of Overlord reinforcements let the heroes make significant progress by focusing their attacks and not having to deal with newcomers.  Avric used his Heroic Feat to heal the group early, which greatly helped them recover from Encounter 1.]

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed "King of All Goblins", Splig, was torturing captive villagers in an effort to find which one was the retired Shadow Binder (which was none other than the villager's brother Frederick).  Of his four captives, it seems the fourth and last one was his quarry.  However, by this time the heroes had fought their way past the spiders and ettin, and were moving deeper into the goblins' lair.  Splig ordered his goblin minions to clear the way, so he could escape with his prize for the Overlord.  [No joke, the fourth and last token was the villagers' brother, Frederick.  The heroes had finished the ettin and were moving through his lair at that point, ready for the final battle.]

The goblin archers burst out of the corridor, firing a hail of arrows at the heroes.  While they did respectable damage, Grisban's mighty axe quickly slew two of the goblin archers who had crept too close.  In the chaos of battle, Splig made a mad dash past his fellow goblins, between the three heroes, and into the cave spiders' lair.  The heroes were stunned by the display of speed from such a fat goblin, but quickly turned and gave chase!  Upon the stairs leading outside, Avric and Leoric managed to wound Splig enough for him to drop the captive villager and flee outside.  [Thanks to some Overlord Cards and the health boost for Splig from the crop bundles recovered in Encounter 1, Splig managed to get to the very last square of the entrance!  The heroes pulled out all the stops and a last-ditch short range attack from Leoric finished off Splig and won the quest!]

Frederick thanked the heroes for their help, and informed them that they needed to see the Barons as soon as possible.  Their work was far from over...

[I hope you've enjoyed my narrative spin on our Descent campaign, and I look forward to continuing it as the campaign progresses!]