Sunday, January 11, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC32 Razor

Continuing with the Salvage Crew Saga is SC32, male fighter with dual pistols and sword.

This figure's random color results were orange (2), yellow (3), and blue (5).

SC32 - Codename: Razor

A bodyguard and part-time prizefighter from the Bizanti system, Razor gained a reputation for being able to take hits as well as he dished them out.  Subject specializes in close-quarters combat, often wielding machine pistols and bladed weapons.  Razor has a sizable ego regarding his physique, which can result in him being goaded into risky actions in order to show off his skills.

My figure arrived with a damage sword blade which broke off during cleaning, so I wound up having to pin and glue it back in place.  This was surprisingly difficult, as the blade was in an odd position beneath the figure and was hard to reach.  Other than that, the figure was solid with no miscasts.

Given that the figure is only half-clothed, I wasn't sure I would be able to incorporate all three colors.  I decided to make the pants the cooler blue color, and use the warmer orange and yellow to draw attention to the boots and armor.  I used VGC Imperial Blue, Parasite Brown, and Plague Brown for the core colors.  I'm particularly surprised at how "orange" the Parasite Brown turned out in the final model.

The skin was painted with a mix of VGC Dark Fleshtone and MSP Tanned Skin, and the weapons were painted with a mix of VGC Coal Black, Cold Grey, and Stonewall Grey.  The figure was washed with TAP Inks:  Soft Tone (boots and armor), Strong Tone (skin), Dark Tone (weapons), and Blue Tone (pants).

Conclusion:  I really like how this figure turned out.  The colors are a bit bizarre, but I think they work for this figure and seem fairly well balanced.  The damaged sword isn't noticeable in-person unless you're looking for it, and will hopefully stand up to moderate handling.  As with the other Salvage Crew figures, I plan to re-base these in the future, so I'm not putting any effort into the bases right now.

Next up in the Salvage Crew Saga will be SC33, dominatrix with belt-fed gun.  This one should have an interesting backstory....

- M:M