Sunday, January 25, 2015

Reaper Bones: Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain

I return to the ranks of the Monday Miniatures participants this week with 77132 Barnabus Frost, Pirate Captain from the Pirates set.

This is another solid Bones figure that needed minimal clean up.  Some of the details didn't transition too well from the metal version, like the coat buttons and the flintlock pistol, but other details like the belt buckles and keys turned out quite nicely.  I particularly like this figure, as the character has a sense of presence and an air of authority.

The colors used are VGC Imperial Blue and Khaki (coat), Scrofulous Brown (undercoat), Scarlett Red (sash, pants), Earth (base), and Plague Brown (hair).  I also used Reaper MSP Oiled Leather (boots, belts) and Rosy Skin (skin), and Brown Liner for some layer differentiation.  A couple of VGC grays were used for the sword, and VGC Glorious Gold was used for the metal details (buttons, keys, pocket watch, etc.).  For washes/glazes, I used TAP Soft, Strong, Dark, and Blue Tone Inks.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out nicely, and does justice to the sculpt.  In retrospect, I probably should have gone with a gray stone base, as the brown Earth color is rather close to the Oiled Leather used for the boots.  I also think his hair could stand to be lightened a bit more, to pull it away from the orange color used for the waistcoat.

All in all, I'm glad to have finally gotten into the Pirates set!  Next week's figure will be 77061 Kord the Destroyer.

- M:M