Monday, July 11, 2016

Deadzone: Asterian Shield Drone

When my package for Deadzone: Infestation arrived, I started assembling figures from various factions.  I went for the "Lock Down" pledge level, which includes several different faction boosters.  I decided to assemble an Asterian Shield Drone to test a potential paint scheme.

First Look:  The Asterians are essentially Mantic's take on "space elves" and have a sleek, futuristic appearance with a lot of automatons to support their limited numbers.  The drones serve as weapons platforms and provide heavy weapon support for Asterian infantry.  I like the sleek aesthetic, and the shape of the drone in particular gives it a somewhat sporty appearance (akin to a sports car).  The model is resin plastic, and went together as expected with no issues.

Painting:  The drone was primarily painted silver, with purple accents.  Some energized areas were further lightened with magenta and pink, going for a "glowing" effect.  I used some limited black wash for definition between the plates, but I wanted to keep a very clean and high-tech look.  Finally, a gloss coat was used to provide a sheen.

Conclusion:  A combination of silver and purple seems to have worked well, and I like the transition from purple > magenta > pink for energized parts.  I plan to repeat the scheme on the other drone, which I've armed with a fission beamer.

- M:M