Sunday, February 18, 2018

Super Dungeon Explore: Emerald Valley Warband

This weekend I finally finished up the last three Kinoshrooms of the Emerald Valley Warband for Super Dungeon Explore.  This is the first full boxed set that I've finished for SDE, so it's a nice feeling of accomplishment!

Here are the final three Kinoshrooms that were completed.

First Look:  I've already painted a few of these, so nothing new to add here.

Painting:  I decided to add in some more variety in colors than the red-with-white pattern used for the other Kinoshroom figures.  As pictured right-to-left, I used orange-with-black, teal-with-purple, and yellow-with-purple.  These colors were picked in an attempt to get some good contrast and color variety, but were otherwise random.  Other parts of the figure were painted in an off-white, with a light brown wash to bring out the details.

Conclusion:  The color combinations worked fairly well, and provide some more colors to mix in with the other figures.  I think the shading on the yellow was a bit too heavy, so that's something for me to watch for in the future.

Here are a few shots of the entire Emerald Valley Warband.  I think the Silver Chevalier had better hope for some reinforcements!

I like how the overall set turned out, as it has a strong mix of colors without losing the overall theme running throughout the set.  That's a pile of monsters ready to vex some heroes at the hand of the Consul!

- M:M

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