Thursday, June 8, 2017

Super Dungeon Explore: Glimmerwing

This past weekend I finished my first Mini-Boss for Super Dungeon Explore:  Glimmerwing the Emerald Dragon from the Emerald Valley Warband.

First Look:  This dragon clearly has a "fae" feel to it, with the butterfly/faerie wings and flower tail.  However, even with those features it still has a menacing draconic feel to it.  I think the sculpt is solid, and while it doesn't have the same chibi proportions that most other SDE figures have, it still fits in well with the other Emerald Valley Warband figures.

Painting:  I wanted to follow the card art (as I do for most of the figures), but I felt that the wings needed a bit more color due to their size and relative lack of detail.  The body is a medium green, with a dark yellow chest.  The wings have a light-medium green separating the different segments, which were painted a mix of pastel yellow, green, blue, and pink.  The flower on the tip of the tail was painted a dark pink with light pink edges, as I wanted it to stand out a bit.  The eyes and gemstone on the forehead were both painted a light green to draw the eye.  Brown liner was used for edging across the body.

Conclusion:  For the most part I'm pleased with how the figure turned out.  The brown liner in particular had a striking effect that seems almost cel-shaded and fits in perfectly with the chibi figures.  While I like the pastels I chose for the wings, the final colors didn't come out as smooth as I would have liked.  The card art also has the colors crossing the membrane rather than being one color per segment (though the colors aren't as striking).

I only have three Kinoshrooms left and I'll be done with the Emerald Valley Warband!

- M:M