Monday, August 30, 2010

Necromunda: Scavvy with Scattercannon

I decided to try out a grungy look on one of my newly-primered Scavvies. Since the Scalies are pretty simple (in terms of different equipment & clothing to paint), I decided to start with one of them. I wanted to do something a little different than Games Workshop's usual "bright and cheery" style. After all, Necromunda is a dark and dirty place, and the Scavvies have to live in the nastiest areas!

Necromunda - Scavvies
Scaly with Scattercannon

Unlike the standard GW style, which has the Scalies as all green, I wanted to make it apparent that they 1) were originally human and 2) an unstable mutant strain. I decided to go with Dwarf Skin as a base, and used a semi-drybrush/smudging technique with Cayman Green to transition from fleshy areas to scaly areas on the body. The scales were painted using Scurvy Green, to make them stand out just a little more. The bandages, claws, and teeth were painted with Bonewhite, and the belt & pouches painted with Leather Brown.

The scattercannon was basecoated with Coal Black, then Tinny Tin, and finally given a heavy drybrushing of Gunmetal to (hopefully) achieve a rusted look. The ankle cuff and cannon's stock was painted with Charred Brown, and drybrushed with Dark Fleshtone. The cannon's brackets are Glorious Gold.

The entire miniature was given several brown washes, mainly with Didi's Magic Ink, though there was one of GW Flesh Wash. This really helped bring the level of "grunge" I was going for, most notably on the bandages and the scattercannon. The brown washes also helped merge the fleshy & scaly areas of skin, so the contrast between them wasn't so sharp.

Overall, I'm pleased with how the figure turned out. I'll probably try something a little different on the Scaly armed with a Speargun, just as an experiment. After all, they're mutants, so they can look pretty different from one another.

- M:M