Sunday, February 1, 2015

Reaper Bones: Kord the Destroyer

This week for Monday Miniatures we're back to the Fighters set with 77061 Kord the Destroyer.

The figure is a pretty standard "barbarian berserker" type, though he does have a decent amount of armor (which seems somewhat rare for this kind of figure).  The figure cleaned up well and I didn't encounter any significant problems, though the cape comes pre-attached and makes it difficult to get to the back details.

Looking at the sculpt, I was immediately reminded of the iconic Dovakhiin warrior from Skyrim.  I decided to go for a similar appearance, which is very heavy with grays and browns.  I also wanted to work on my painted speed, so I aimed for a one-hour completion time.

I used VGC Gory Red to provide some additional color to the helmet plume and the kilt/loincloth  The armor was painted largely with VGC Sombre Grey and Coal Black, with some Wolf Grey to lighten for highlights.  The fur sections were painted with MSP Oiled Leather, while the gloves, belt, pouches, and scabbard were painted with VGC Beasty Brown.  The base is VGC Earth and Cold Grey (for the rock).  TAP Soft Tone and Strong Tone Inks were used for shading, as well as a little Red Tone Ink to add more color to the red areas.  I also used MSP Brown Liner to differentiate the different areas, which helps keep the browns from just running together visually.

Conclusion:  I'm pretty happy with how the figure turned out; I think it's fairly close to the Skyrim figure.  The figure took me a little over an hour, but some of that was waiting for the inks to dry.  Applying the Brown Liner took quite a bit of time, as I was trying to apply it neatly and there were a lot of folds and crevices to apply it to.

Next week's figure is 77120 Vaeloth, Hellborn Paladin.  I actually completed this figure over a year ago (!), so I plan on using the time to make progress on another figure.

- M:M