Monday, March 7, 2016

Reaper Bones: Cereal Monsters

I can't say for certain when the inspiration struck, but with the release of 77282 Vampire in the Bones II Lords of Darkness set, I realized that the Bones range had sufficient models for the General Mills "cereal monsters".

Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Fruity Yummy Mummy, and Frankenberry

Read on for details on each of the figures!

77169 Flesh Golem (Frankenberry)

I started with the Flesh Golem as Frankenberry, as a "proof of concept".  The character was painted with pink, magenta, and red ink, and I think it worked surprisingly well.

77007 Ghost (Boo Berry)

Next up was the Ghost as Boo Berry.  This is actually the first of these figures that I've painted (and I ordered it specifically for this project).  A couple of different shades of blue, followed by some blue ink, wrapped up the figure.  There's a surprising amount of texture in the lower trail of his body... er, form.

77144 Mummy (Fruity Yummy Mummy)

I knew this figure would be one of the more challenging ones, as it required painting the bandages in a pseudo-random assortment of yellow, pink, and magenta.  I used pink as the base color, and then picked out bandages for the other colors.  Red ink was used to provide some definition, and I think the figure turned out really well!

77282 Vampire (Count Chocula)

The last of the set was the Vampire as Count Chocula.  As mentioned above, this figure was part of the Lords of Darkness set from Bones II (which is probably my favorite set from Bones II).  The figure was painted in three different browns and off-white, with gold for accessories.  This is a really nice figure, and again shows how the later Bones figures seem to be more consistent on fine details.  As an added bonus, the figure has a cereal-bowl-esque chalice (the contents of which were painted brown, per his namesake cereal).

Conclusion:  This was a fun little side project that I had been planning since my Bones II figures arrived.  Having just recently finished up my Dungeon Saga figures, I wanted something a little easier to ease back into painting other figures, and I figured this was a good time to finish it!

I'm sure some may wonder about Fruit Brute, the werewolf.  To that I would state that the Fruit Brute cereal was before my time, and I didn't even know about it until I was looking up reference images to paint these figures.

I hope you've enjoyed the "cereal monsters" side project.  I like how the figures turned out, and I think they're close enough to their namesakes to get the reference if someone saw them on the table.  If you decide to paint your own versions of the cereal monsters, let me know so I can see which models and colors you choose!

- M:M