Saturday, March 19, 2016

Reaper Bones: G.IMEF Joes (Bones II)

When I first got my Bones I shipment, the IMEF figures were among the first ones I painted.  Apparently this predated my resurgent blogging, as I never posted them!  With Bones II Expansion #3, four additional IMEF figures joined the Bones line; now, they join the ranks of my G.IMEF Joes!

(L to R) Low-Light, Max, Spearhead, Lifeline, and Sci-Fi

80048 Aztec, IMEF Trooper and 77216 Cougar (Spearhead and Max)

First up is Spearhead and his bobcat (er... cougar) Max.  Spearhead was from a later time than the original G.I. Joe cartoon, so he may be a little more obscure than some of my other Joes.  Still, the miniature matched the original, and once I realized I had a large cat from Bones II as well, the decision was made.  I chose to tone down the orange camouflage slightly; it's still pretty bright, but not quite as neon as the Joe figure.

The medic was an obvious choice as Lifeline, as the uniform matched up fairly well (as did the hand-held device as Lifeline's silver pistol).  The only thing he's missing are those bizarre green glasses!

Continuing with some of the more recognizable Joes from the old cartoons, this figure was patterned after Sci-Fi and his ridiculously bright green uniform.  I thought the original character had more silver on him, but not according to the reference photos I used.  Strangely, I don't think the color scheme looks out of place on the IMEF figures.

Finally we have Low-Light, the marksman and general badass of the original show.  Case in point:

Lifeline: "Hey, Low-Light. Does it ever occur to you there might be an easier way of settling disputes?"
Low-Light:  "Yeah, Lifeline.  It's called a gun."

His uniform is a dark gray, and it really doesn't differentiate well from his black accessories in the photos (definitely something I would lighten in the future).  Still, it's another figure that's a pretty good match (if only his goggles were down, though).

Conclusion:  And here are my G.IMEF Joes to date.  I know some backers during both Kickstarters weren't keen on the modern/sci-fi figures, but I've really enjoyed matching up the IMEF figures to various G.I. Joes.  Hopefully Reaper will release a few more, as there are plenty more Joes to use as a reference!

- M:M