Sunday, October 2, 2016

Kings of War: Wissenland Crossbowmen (Pt. 2)

This weekend I was able to finish up my second troop of Wissenland Crossbowmen.

These figures were painted in the same style as my first troop of Wissenland Crossbowmen (detailed in a separate post here).  The goal behind keeping to the same style was both aesthetic, as well as functional.  Aesthetically, I wanted Wissenland to be represented by more than a single troop in my Kingdoms of Men army.  Functionally, this gives me the opportunity of fielding the crossbowmen as a regiment instead of two separate troops.

I still have to assemble more of my army before I'm able to field it, but right now my plan is to field two separate troops of crossbowmen (in smaller games) to provide harassing fire and help support a larger block of melee troops.

I think I did a decent job with the grey/white colors for Wissenland (which aren't as striking as most other Empire color schemes).  I still have to paint the pikemen from the same kit, but I have a couple of other figures I want to finish up before I'll tackle those.

- M:M