Saturday, November 5, 2016

Relic Knights: [Noh] Render

For a change of pace from my recent Frostgrave soldiers, I dug out one of my figures from Relic Knights:  the Noh Render.

First Look:  It's an oni demon with futuristic armor and an underslung disruptor cannon; what's not to love?  I like the aesthetics of the Noh, with the mix of traditional and futuristic styling.  For the most part the figure was solid, though there were some mold lines in the hair that were quite challenging to deal with due to the layering.

Painting:  I decided to use the card art as a guide, which included a lot of non-metallic metal (NMM) on the armor and cannon.  Aside from red skin and white hair, the figure features a lot of grays, black, and gold.  The green "glow" from the cannon and energy packs gives some additional color and contrasts with the red.  The base was painted a variety of gray mixed with blue, to help differentiate it from the grays of the figure's armor.

Conclusion:  I'm still extremely new at NMM, as I haven't quite got my head around how light "should" behave on a given surface.  I'm fairly happy with the choice of colors used, but I'm sure the positioning needs a lot more work!  I think the biggest mistaken I made with this figure was priming it gray rather than white; this resulted in more muted colors.  That's definitely something I'll keep in mind in the future as I get to other Relic Knights figures.