Saturday, November 26, 2016

Super Dungeon Explore: Salt

Following on the heels of the Tribal Stone, I decided to tackle a larger model from Super Dungeon Explore:  Salt (Faerie Mini-Boss) from the Mistmourn Coast Warband.

First Look:  I really liked the look of this figure when I first saw it, as it has a few of unique characteristics.  The giant eyeball set in its chest is menacing and plays up the "inhuman" aspect.  I also like the "hovering" effect with the crystals and tendrils of mystic energy.  The final part is the left arm, which is the only sign of "equipment" (per se).  Since this is a golem, I imagine that the arm piece is the crafted component that serves as the focus for the animation.

Painting:  Starting off, there were two clear elements for this model.  The first is that it had no small number of crystals, which would give me further opportunity to practice my technique.  The other aspect is that the figure is very monochromatic per the card art.  I wanted to stay true to the source material, but I decided that the arm (and later, the eye) would be gold to set them apart.  The rest of the figure was painting a variety of blues.  The crystals tend to fade from dark to light, so I gave the creature's "body" a medium blue.  The energy near the base (the part supporting the figure) was painted lighter to help offset it from the dark blue crystals beneath the creature.  The crystal parts were edged with white to provide a reflective effect.

Conclusion:  I like how the figure turned out, and it was a challenge to stick with such a monochromatic scheme without losing definition between the various elements.  I wasn't quite sure how the highlight should appear on the oddly-shaped parts on the shoulders & mace-arm, but I took a guess and I think it looks pretty good.

Originally, I was going to paint the eye a light blue.  However, because of how the figure is hunched over, I didn't think it was contrasting enough with the surrounding crystals.  Instead, I opted to paint the eye gold for more contrast and to tie the golden arm into another element.  The pupil and iris area were painted medium blue for contrast.

- M:M