Sunday, December 18, 2016

Super Dungeon Explore: Mist Hounds

This weekend I finally finished up the two Mist Hounds from the Super Dungeon Explore Mistmourn Coast Warband.  These happen to be the final two figures for the Salt Pillar spawn point, as well.

First Look:  Being hounds (and thus having no equipment), I figured that these would be finished fairly quickly.  Little did I know that it would be a year before I completed them.  During my cross-country move to Portland, I packed up the Mistmourn Coast Warband and some paints so that I could still enjoy the hobby while waiting for the rest of my belongings to make it my new home.  While I did get the basic colors on the figures, I wasn't quite happy with the blending and set them aside.  Well, it was past time to get these completed and off of my desk!

As far as the figures themselves, I like the skeletal heads.  They're menacing, and I think the skeletal features adds a bit of a supernatural aspect to the hounds.

Painting:  Sticking with the card art, the figures are primarily blue (as are the rest of the Salt Pillar spawn point creatures).  Because the figures had significantly plain areas, I wanted to try a bit of blending.  As mentioned above, my initial attempts left me unsatisfied with the results.  This time I mixed up the colors a bit more and smoothed out the blending.  The skeletal portion of the heads were painted a medium gray, with a light blue tongue.  The eyes are a bright yellow, with a black ink lining for contrast.

Conclusion:  While these aren't my best work ever, I think they're solid for what they are (and definitely an improvement over my first attempt).  I really like how the eyes turned out, as the black lining really makes them pop.

- M:M