Monday, January 16, 2017

Super Dungeon Expore: Kinoshrooms

Going back to the chibi figures, here are the first of the Super Dungeon Explore Emerald Valley Warband:  the Kinoshrooms.

First Look:  These figures are pretty basic, but they're also unusual.  They're about as menacing as mushrooms can be I think, with the eyes and sharp teeth giving them a more aggressive appearance than they might otherwise have.

Painting:  As with other SDE figures, I used the card art for guidance on the paint scheme.  The bulk of the figure is painted an off-white, with a medium-to-dark red cap and gray bases.  Brown washes were used to bring out the details, and white was mixed with the off-white to brighten the spots, eyes, and teeth.

Conclusion:  A straightforward figure, but I like how they turned out.  There are actually three more Kinoshroom figures to complete the warband, but I didn't have room to paint them at the same time.  I'm leaning toward painting those figures in a different style to give the group some variety, but I'll leave them for a later time.

- M:M