Saturday, February 11, 2017

Super Dungeon Explore: Fungal Growths

Today I made more progress on the Super Dungeon Explore Emerald Valley Warband with the Fungal Growth spawn points.


First Look:  For its size, the Fungal Growth figure is pretty busy with a surprising amount of detail.  The core element is the old tree (or maybe just stump), surrounded by crystal growths and a couple of mini-Kinoshrooms.  After finishing the last batch of Kinoshroom figures, I decided that I wanted to add more variety to the remaining mushroom figures, and that carried into the Fungal Growth as well.

Painting:  I stuck with the same off-white color for the mushroom bodies, but varied their caps with greens, purples, blues, and reds.  The stump is a dark brown with medium brown details (particularly around the face), with a gray stone base.  The crystals were painted with a mid-to-light green transition.  A few brown washes highlighted the details on the base and the mushroom bodies.

Conclusion:  Some of the color combinations I picked don't stand out as much as I expected, but overall I like how they look.  The green crystals turned out fairly nice considering I rushed the transitions.  I think a stronger edge highlight for the crystals would help definition, so I might go back and add those (at least for the larger crystals, which have sharper edges).

- M:M