Monday, February 20, 2017

Super Dungeon Explore: Okoshrooms

Today features a couple of larger figures from the Super Dungeon Explore Emerald Valley Warband:  the two Okoshrooms.

First Look:  These are greatly upscaled versions of the Kinoshrooms (featured here), appearing both more mobile and more dangerous.  The pseudo-fig leaf is strange, but it does provide a little more variety for a figure that doesn't have much in the way of accessories.  The figures are fairly solid, and cleaning up the mold lines on the broad surfaces was easy.

Painting:  With two of these larger mushroom figures, I decided to go with the (perhaps obvious) nod toward the two iconic mushrooms from Super Mario Bros. (as well as matching the figure art on the card, for the red mushroom).  The bulk of the figure is painted a warm off-white, with the mushroom caps in red or green and off-white spots.  The rope is a medium brown with dark brown wash, with dark gray spiked balls.  The leaf was painted a medium green, with a brown wash.  The horns, eyes, and teeth are painted a cool off-white to make them stand out a bit.

Conclusion:  I think the colors worked out well, and it will help when differentiating between the figures on the board.  There are actually different shades of red/green on the cap, but it's hard to see in the pictures above and that's something I need to contrast better going forward.  Similarly, there are some areas with the brown wash that needs to be blended a little to make it look less messy.  Still, ready to go for tabletop gaming!

- M:M