Sunday, March 5, 2017

Super Dungeon Explore: Truffle Pigs

More progress on the Super Dungeon Explore Emerald Valley Warband:  four Truffle Pigs.

First Look:  These figures don't have anything in the way of accessories, but they do have an interesting mane of hair, a dynamic pose, and an irate look on their faces.  When I first saw the card art, I thought it was a little odd that the pigs would have the green stripe down their back.  However, it's grown on me and while I don't think you could get away with calling it "camouflage", it does help differentiate the Truffle Pigs from "just another wild pig".  The charging stance they have gives a good impression of the pig charging at the heroes.

Painting:  The focus of the figure is really the mane of hair running along the spine, which has a dark brown base with a medium green crest.  Dark brown was also used on the hooves, as well as the tips of the ears and tail.  The body is a medium brown, with some brown shading for details and shadows.  The horns and eyes are a warm off-white, and the snout and ears are a slightly muted pink.

Conclusion:  I focused on not overusing washes for shading on these figures, as I'm trying for a "cleaner" look similar to the art.  The other goal was to not spend too much time on these figures, and I think I achieved both of these objectives.  If anything, I might go back and add a little bit of shading to the body, but I like how the figures turned out and they're ready for the tabletop.

I'm closing in on the last few figures of the Emerald Valley Warband, and I think it might be time to tackle the hero next!

- M:M