Saturday, March 25, 2017

Super Dungeon Explore: Silver Chevalier

At long last, I've gotten back to one of the heroes for SDE!  From the Super Dungeon Explore Emerald Valley Warband is the Silver Chevalier.

First Look:  The first thing I had to check was whether or not that was all hair in the back, or if the figure was wearing a cape (hint:  it's hair).  There's not a ton of detail, but enough relief on the armor and shield to provide some variation with a wash.  As with the other models in the set, I used the accompanying art as a color guide.

Painting:  The dress and pennant were painted a medium blue, with silver armor, shield, and lance.  The hair is a medium brown with lighter highlights; I tried to make sure this was done well since it covers so much of the figure.  The ribbons in the hair are a medium red, which helps provide some contrast to the dominant blue and silver color scheme.  The skin is a light-medium skin tone with a bit of rosiness added to the cheeks.  Finally, the eyes were a medium blue with touches of light blue to make them pop a bit more.

Conclusion:  Overall the figure wasn't as much of a challenge as I expected a character model to be, and I like how it turned out.  I tried to ensure that the skin had a smooth appearance and that the eyes looked right, and I think I met both goals.  The highlights on the dress also turned out nice.  I was tempted to try something other than silver on the pennant, but it's clearly a metallic silver in the art.

I'm almost finished with the Emerald Coast Warband; just three Kinoshrooms and the Emerald Dragon remain!

- M:M