Sunday, August 1, 2010

Greatcoat Shock Troops (and a Hydra)

As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I've been waiting for a box of Wargames Factory's new Greatcoat Shock Troops to arrive. Well, they finally did (last week), and I got a squad assembled. I plan on converting them into Plague Commandos of Demnogonis (a Dark Legion faction from Warzone). Below is a pic of the squad assembled, but lacking bases (unfortunately, these are not included):

Wargames Factory
Greatcoat Shock Troops

I actually have one "extra" officer that I constructed (holding the pistol), before I realized that the Plague Commando Sergeant (the squad leader) has an assault rifle as well. Guess that figure will be put on standby. Also note that this is not the entire box of Shock Troops; the box comes with enough parts for 18 figures (and a lot of extra bits).

I also finished up a project I had stalled out on many weeks ago: a Hydra from Reaper Miniatures. I've had this guy for quite a while, and finally finished him up (he was only lacking some finishing touches). I really like the miniature, and it's much more impressive than several past hydra miniatures I've seen.

Reaper Miniatures

I don't recall exactly what all colors I painted, but I think it was Scaly Green (majority) and Camo Green (underside) from my old Games Workshop paints. The body was given a fairly strong Brown Ink wash, which turned the Camo Green into a surprising green-brown color (I'll have to remember it!). I finished it up today with Vallejo paints, however. Sun Yellow & Coal Black for the eyes, and Bonewhite and GW's Flesh Wash for the claws and teeth. A couple of the eyes are sloppier that I wanted (I was going for a reptilian slit-pupil appearance), but overall I'm pleased with how it turned out.

- M:M