Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reaper Bones: Sarcophagus

My entry for this week's Monday Miniature:  77137 Sarcophagus

I went for a fairly straightforward paint scheme for the sarcophagus.  For the bronze surfaces, I first painted them dark brown and followed up with a heavy bronze wetbrush (a step between drybrushing and standard layering).  I'm particularly pleased with the effect, and it gives the surface a slightly more aged look than a straight bronze basecoat.

I used a dark blue for the sarcophagus' liner, and a light gray for the pillow's frills and flower.  The stone surfaces are a medium gray, with a light gray drybrush (though there isn't much surface detail to pick up on the drybrushing).

Next week's miniature is 77156 Owlbear.

- M:M