Sunday, December 8, 2013

Reaper Bones: Virina, Female Demon

This week on Monday Miniatures, we're painting 77067 Virina, Female Demon.  Here is my submission:

She definitely has a "succubus" theme going on, so I wanted to focus on that and downplay the outright-demonic aspects.  Normally I would have gone with a non-human skintone for a fiend, but I thought that a succubus needed to be more alluring so I stayed with normal tones for most of her.  While I don't yet know how to do "proper" blending, I think I managed to do a decent job with the transitions between her legs and hooves.  I kept her bestial features (wings, tail, lower legs, etc.) relatively close to the "normal" skintones, rather than going for a contrast.

Originally I was going to paint the base red or reddish-brown, to fit with a more "hellish" environment.  However, I decided to paint it gray to offset it from the warmer tones of the figure.  To keep it from being too "cold", I used a couple of coats of brown wash.

When I originally started painting the miniature, I thought she was wielding a whip.  It wasn't until I started getting the basecoat down that I realized it was a braid of hair (which explained the odd grip she has on it, which seemed too loose for a weapon).  This is another example of how sometimes you don't notice details on a figure until you get some paint on it!

Finally, for her eyes I decided to use straight black rather than painting whites and pupils.  I think it has an awesome effect of making her "alien" and driving home the fact that this is a soulless creature.  It's a little hard to see in the picture above; if I ever find some better lamps I'll upgrade my light box with some proper lighting!

Next week's figure is 77171 Stone Golem.  I'm looking forward to this one, as it will finish up my Golem set from Bones I.

- M:M