Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reaper Bones: Vermin: Spiders

This week's Monday Miniatures (led by is a simple one (or two, as the case may be):  77126 Vermin: Spiders.  Thanksgiving was this week, and I've been recovering from my sickness from last weekend, so I was happy to have an "easy" week.

I went with a fairly basic color scheme, as I did not have any small spider miniatures and wanted to paint up some "stock" figures for future gaming use.  As such, I went with a brown scheme, but to keep them from being too bland I added some yellow markings to the backs.  I used a satin varnish to give them somewhat of a sheen, which unfortunately created some glare in the pictures and obscures the yellow markings.  Overall a quick job, and a very welcome figure to "recover" with.

Next week is 77067 Virina, Female Demon (77067).

- M:M