Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reaper Bones: Mangu Timur

This week's Monday Miniature is the first figure from the Bones I Dark Heroes set:  77148 Mangu Timur, the Fist of Khardullis.

The name was familiar, so I referred to the old Dark Heaven Apocalypse Rulebook and found that the character is an army commander of the Empire of Malvernis.  The description states that he was bred for the Black Legion and describes his "black armor and helm", which I used for the figure.  In addition, he wields Rhilkith, the Blade of Doom.

I had to use some trial-and-error when attempting to highlight the armor.  I haven't tried painting a glossy black metal surface, and I wound up toning down the highlighting with a black wash.  Unfortunately, the lighting in the pictures above makes it hard to see.

To add to the figure's ominous tone, I went with a crimson red for the shield and loincloth/buttcape/whatever-it's-called.  I used a dark brown for the fur liners at the shoulders and thighs, but the black wash was too much (I should have just used a dark brown wash instead).  The sword hilt and shield relief was painted gold, as were several rivets on the armor to provide some additional detail and interest on the body of the figure.  When deciding between gold or silver for the details, I noticed that the Empire of Malvernis's listed resources included gold, so that swayed my decision.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with how the figure turned out.  I definitely need to work on my ability to highlight black surfaces, but I think the figure looks pretty good.  He definitely comes across as a bad guy (or a "dark hero", per the set name).

Next week's figure is 77152 Marsh Troll, so expect a lot of greens and browns!

- M:M