Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reaper Bones: Marsh Troll

We're back to a larger figure for this week's Monday Miniature:  77152 Marsh Troll.

I feel that this is one of my stronger styles of painting, as anything "marsh"-related is pretty much required to be dirty/slimy/grungy (not to mention anything "troll"-related).  I wanted to keep the colors on the back to those of an alligator, in keeping with the sculpted details.  I decided to have the stegosaurus plates (I'm not sure if there's an actual term for these things) transition to a brown, both to make them stand out more and to represent them being a harder (calcified?) substance.

From there, I lightened the skin a bit to give more variety, and experimented with a bit of wet blending on the belly.  It was a large surface with minimal detail, so I figured it was a great time to get a bit of practice in.  I used a darker color than normal (khaki vs. bone white) for the spikes of the club and the claws, as I didn't want them to be too bright compared to the tones of the rest of the figure.  I used a variety of browns for the hides, furs, and various wraps on the body.

I'm very pleased with how the figure turned out, especially of the wet-blending on the belly (which is a little hard to see above due to a few subsequent brown washes and the lighting).  The only thing missing is a base, though I believe one of the large bases (or even one of the medium ones) from Bones II will work once they arrive.

Next week's Monday Miniature is 77153: Snakeman Warrior.  I've already painted this figure (a couple months ago), so in addition I'll try to cover whatever I work on next week.

- M:M