Sunday, May 18, 2014

Reaper Bones: Skeletons, Lizardman Spearman, Lizardman Warrior

Things were mixed up a bit this week, as Monday Miniatures was not just one figure, but rather six figures:  the skeletons from the Undead Horde set.  This includes two each of 77001 Skeletal Spearmen, 77017 Skeletal Swordsmen, and 77018 Skeletal Archers.

The goal was the complete them in short order, as a practice for speed painting techniques.  I'm not sure how good I am at "speed painting", per se, but fortunately they're pretty simple models that don't need much more than bone, metal, and wood to be completed.

Conclusion:  There's not much to say about the figures; they turned out as expected.  Skeletons are one of the most basic figures to paint, which makes them an excellent choice for beginners to the hobby.  These figures are solid choices for bulking out a horde, and they're pretty quick to paint up.

Now for the bonus figures!

Continuing to build Malek-Skeletor's horde of Evil Warriors, I present 77154 Lizardman Spearman as Whiplash:

I experimented with some wet-blending for the skin/scales, which I think turned out very nicely and created some neat gradients.  The action figure of Whiplash is molded with very distinct areas of different green, and I didn't want to paint the figure the same way as it looks unnatural (or possibly like a lizard version of a farmer's tan).  The figure came with a bright orange spear, so I use a strong orange for the spear here, but toned it down with several brown washes.  Overall, I think the figure turned out very good and will look the part of Whiplash, but can still be used as a "normal" lizardman.

And for the second bonus figure, the second lizardman from the Swamp Things set (which completes the set for me), 770155 Lizardman Warrior:

I didn't originally intend to be so productive this week; I had actually picked out this figure to serve as Whiplash, before I realized that Whiplash came with a spear and the Lizardman Spearman figure made a better match.  Since I was doing the wet-blending for the skin/scales, I figured I would do the same for both figures and make them a matching pair.  This figure has several more details, and I think I like it better overall.  I'm really pleased with how the turtle-shell shield turned out, in particular.

That's it for this week!  Next week's Monday Miniatures is Terrain Week, where we show our work-in-progress on any terrain pieces we have underway.  Since I'm not actively playing any wargames at present, I don't know that I have any terrain to work on, but I hope to finish up a few figures.

- M:M