Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reaper Bones: Zombies and Candelabras

This week's Monday Miniatures theme is terrain, but as I mentioned in my last post I'm not currently playing any wargames and don't really have any terrain that I'm currently working on.  That being the case, I instead decided to wrap up a few of the sets from Bones I which were only a few figures away from completion.

First up is the last of the Dungeon Dressing set, 77138 Candelabras:

These were a fairly straightforward pair that just hadn't made it to my desk yet, so I decided to knock them out fairly quickly.  The candelabra itself was painted bronze, with gold accents, and mounted on a gray stone base.  The candles were painted bone white, and orange and yellow for the candle flames.

Conclusion:  I'm happy with how the flames turned out sticking to orange and yellow (since they're just candles, I didn't want the flames to be too intense, or too reddish).  I haven't found a better way of making the gold stick out from the bronze areas, but I think they turned out fairly good regardless.

Next up are the five zombies included in the Bones I Vampire set, 77053 Zombies and 77014 Zombies:

One 77053 Zombie was included in the New 30 set, while the remaining four figures were part of the Undead Horde set.  These were also straightforward figures, due to their lack of equipment (aside from tattered pants).  I decided to try out a few different skin tones, since I haven't painted zombies before (or if I have, it's been an incredibly long time).  I wasn't sure how some of the color ideas would work out, plus I wanted some variety (especially for a "horde" figure like zombies).  The figures were painted with mixes of green, brown, and gray, with some blue thrown in for the pants.  The blood is a mix of red and gray, and liberally applied to where I thought would be the messiest part of a zombie (i.e., the hands and mouth, which would be involved with feeding).

Conclusion:  I'm really happy with how these figures turned out, especially when they're grouped together.  There was a lot of off-the-cuff paint mixing and practically no planning involved, so it's nice to see that pay off so well.  Plus, these figures were very quick to paint, so doing a whole lot of them for a massive zombie horde seems completely viable!

That's it for this week (as if seven figures weren't enough)!  Next week on Monday Miniatures we're back to the Chronoscope set with 80001 Ape-X.  Ape-X is one of the figures that I've really wanted to paint, but at the same time I'm not sure how I want him to look.  I guess I'll have a week to figure that out!

Until next time!

- M:M