Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reaper Bones: Hell Hound, Ghast, Vermin: Beetle Swarms

This week on Monday Miniatures is another of the New 30 set from the Bones I Kickstarter:  77038 Hell Hound.

I used heavier shading than I normally tend to, in an effort to make the hound look more appropriately hellish and avoid a brighter red look.  The flaming mane was first painted with yellow, then brought up through orange and red on the outer flames.  It's noticeably brighter than the bulk of the figure, but I think it helps draw attention to the feature (plus, it's fire).

Conclusion:  I thought the figure looked pretty good with a dark mane, but with the fire effect added I think it looks even better.  In addition, I feel it still retains a menacing look due the combination of the sculpt and the darker tones used on the body.

On to the bonus figures!  First up is 77159 Ghast:

At this point you're probably either wondering 1) "Why is that Ghast painted in a bizarre orange scheme?" or 2) "Hey, it's Beast Man from Masters of the Universe!".  Having completed Skeletor a few weeks ago, I've set out to give him some additional Evil Warriors from my selection of Bones figures.  There wasn't a particularly good "ape-man" choice, but the Ghast's bulky upper body and general lack of equipment made him an acceptable match.  Once painted up, I was surprised at how close a resemblance I was able to achieve!

Last up is 77130 Vermin: Beetle Swarm:

I went from a strong blue basecoat up through turquoise into green, and gave it a liberal brown wash and gloss coat.  It was a quick job which bordered on wet blending (though I don't think it was technical enough to really count as "wet blending", so much as "don't care if the colors mix").  I really like those these came out, as well as how quickly I was able to get them done.  Best of all, this completes the Vermin set from Bones I!

Next week's challenge on Monday Miniatures is a bit abnormal, as it's not a single figure.  Instead, we'll be tasked with painting the entire Undead Horde set, which consists of six skeletons and four zombies.  It's a lot of figures to finish in one week, but they're all fairly straightforward.  Can it be done?  Check back next week to find out!

- M:M