Sunday, July 20, 2014

Reaper Bones: Familiars

As promised, this week on Monday Miniatures we were tasked with completing another multi-figure set:  77176 Familiars.

First off, I'd like to state that I was preoccupied this week with purchasing a car, so I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to put into the figures.  Fortunately, the familiars are all fairly small and quick to paint, so I was still able to get them completed.

Wolf:  I wanted to go for more of a "winter wolf" look, though may be a little too gray for that.  It was painted in a variety of grays, and unfortunately I think the washes and highlights blurred the base colors together a little too much.

Hawk:  this started out with a similar "winter" look in mind, but I started adding browns and decided I liked the newer look better.  I can't say that the color scheme matches any real hawks, but I think it turned out surprisingly well.

Bat:  this was my attempt at a firebat, though the colors just seem a little "off" to me.  The effect isn't terrible, but I may well repaint it in the future.

Cat:  the cat was actually a casualty from a paint bottle explosion (protip:  if a dropper bottle is clogged, don't just squeeze harder to clear the nozzle).  After the accident, I was left wondering what to do with a green cat until I realized, "Cringer!", and went from there.  Considering how small the figure is, and that it started as a complete accident, I'm really happy with how the details turned out.

Ferret:  another figure where I wanted to do something a little different, so I went for an ermine look.  Unfortunately, the tail is kind of hard to see in the picture above due to the shadows, so "ermine" may not immediately spring to mind.

Faerie Dragon:  I vaguely recalled that faerie dragons were colorful from my AD&D days, but I couldn't remember a color scheme.  A quick Google search revealed a wide variety of options, and I decided I liked the blue/purple/pink look.  I'm pleased with how the colors worked out, and were the figure larger I might have tried for some wet blending.  I also like that the freehand dots on the wings came out pretty well.

So that's it, the first set of Bones Familiars complete.  Some turned out better than expected, and others not quite so, but they're all pretty solid (and if nothing else, they're now ready for use!).

Next week's figure is 77046 Bat Swarm.  I completed this figure previously, so I plan on finishing up another figure with the extra time.

- M:M