Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reaper Bones: Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior

We're back to the New 30 set with this week's Monday Miniatures figure:  77055 Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior.

This figure was extremely clean as far as mold lines go; there was minimal cleanup around the perimeter of the base, and only a few areas of the figure needed work.  It's also one of the stiffer Bones figures, which I prefer.

Since the figure has little in the way of equipment besides armor, I decided it would be a good chance to practice more non-metallic metal (NMM).  It's important to keep the paint thin for smooth layers, and working with so many metal surfaces I had to keep re-mixing more paint as I worked across the figure.  The palette is a couple of flesh tones, a brown, two grays, and black.  Everything is either a mix of those or a finishing wash (I kept the use of washes to a minimum, as I didn't want to destroy my layering effects).

Conclusion:  I'm extremely happy with how this figure turned out!  I'm still not great at NMM, especially curved surfaces; once I get more familiar with how light plays off of different metallic surfaces, I hope to see improvement here.

Next week's figure is 77060 Dragonman Warrior from the Fighters set.

- M:M