Sunday, September 7, 2014

Reaper Bones: Werewolf

Earlier today I managed to finish up one of the Original 30 Bones that were released prior to the Bones I Kickstarter, 77009 Werewolf:

This is one of the better Bones figures in my opinion, as it has very clean mold lines and is fairly stiff (as opposed to some of the softer figures from the Bones I KS).  The way the tail was sculpted seems slightly odd to me, but otherwise it's a great figure.  It was painted with a variety of grays, with a light-medium brown for the base and red/bone white for the facial features.  I used this as practice for further mixing colors, and blending them on the figure.

Conclusion:  I like how this figure turned out, and as an added bonus it didn't take too long.  I thought about going for a brown palette, but decided gray might look more interesting.  I think this would work well as a starter figure for someone just starting to paint, as it has a good mix of flesh and fur areas, and doesn't have equipment to worry about.

Until next time!

- M:M