Saturday, September 6, 2014

Reaper Bones: Trista, the White Wolf

This week for Monday Miniatures, we're on to what I think is the first of the Heroes set:  77094 Trista, the White Wolf:

The model was fairly clean as far as prep work goes, and only had a few mold lines that needed to be removed.  Unfortunately, my figure's sword wound up curved after being stored in one of the figure cases from the Kickstarter, so that will require straightening.  I was hoping it would revert once removed from the case, but there was no change after a week, so I'm not expecting anything to happen.

I liked the look of the painted example in the Reaper store, so I decided to emulate that color palette.  I think the armor has a little more gradation than the pictures might indicate, and this was my first attempt at a pseudo-"non-metallic metal" approach for the sword blade.  I didn't want to try tackling gold NMM on this figure, given the fine detail work, so I stuck with a gold metallic paint.  Most of the figure was painted in a variety of grays, aside from the clothing, belts/pouches, and her face and hair.  Also, this figure has absolutely minuscule eyes, so I'm actually quite pleased that I was even able to hit them.

Conclusion:  For my first attempt at something resembling NMM on a blade, I'm actually really happy with how it turned out.  The fact that the sword is being held practically straight up made it harder to determine exactly how I should lay out the NMM transitions, so I sort of guessed as I went along (also, the blade's surface areas are very small, which doesn't help).  I'm also pleased with how her hair turned out, as it started off as a much dirtier blonde before I found a lighter blonde mix that looked better.  I put quite a bit of work into this figure, and I think it paid off.

Next week's figure is 77062 Deenah, Female Barbarian from the Fighters set.

- M:M