Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dwarves of Mid-Nor: Master of Puppets

Today is my first painted figure from Rackham Miniatures:  a Master of Puppets from the Dwarves of Mid-Nor faction.

As mentioned in a previous post, I picked up the Kings of War Two Player Battle Set, which includes basic armies for both Undead and Orcs.  Having finished the Undead units, I spent this week assembling the 15 Orc Ax figures.  Since I plan on making an Abyssal Dwarf army, I decided to construct these as two troops of Slave Orcs instead.  To further their role as slaves, I decided to dig out a couple of my Dwarves of Mid-Nor and include them as the slave drivers.

First Look:  All of the Rackham figures are amazingly detailed, and this one is no exception.  The level of detail is impressive, as can be seen by the numerous stitches and the detail on the canopic dolls.

Painting:  The figure has relatively little clothing or gear, so there wasn't really much area for what I had in mind for the army colors.  I decided to go with a grayish-purple skin tone (VGC Wolf Grey, Hexed Lichen) and dirty off-white wraps (VGC Bonewhite).  The horns and base were painted a dark brown (VGC Charred Brown), and the hair is orange mixed with black (VGC Scrofulous Brown, Coal Black).  The canopic dolls and mask are a light grey mix (VGC Wolf Grey, Bonewhite), and the sword is a variety of grays (VGC Wolf Grey, Sombre Grey, Coal Black).  The sores and doll tongues are red (VGC Gory Red), and the figure is finished off with a variety of inks (Strong, Dark, Blue, and Red Tone Inks).  Finally, MSP Brown Liner was used to line various elements and give stronger contrast.

Conclusion:  I really like how this figure turned out!  I feel that I did the figure justice, and managed to get some good effects on the details.  I wasn't sure how the monochromatic scheme for the canopic dolls would turn out (in most reference photos, they're a variety of colors).  Areas for improvement include refining the NMM on the blade, and better definition for the hair (I found the color hard to work with, as it is a very thin paint).

- M:M