Saturday, May 30, 2015

Reaper Bones: Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin and Dark Elf Warrior

Today I finished up two more figures from Bones I Dark Elves set:  77123 Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin and 77124 Dark Elf Warrior.

Zalash, Dark Elf Assassin


Dark Elf Warrior


First Look:  At first look, these figures have an odd "spindly" look to them.  The style looks somewhat exaggerated to me, and I'm not a huge fan of it, but at least all of the figures in the Dark Elves set are consistent.  Both figures required minimal cleanup and have reasonable good details; the textures on the shoulderpads of the Dark Elf Warrior is a little muddled, but the various straps and cloth folds came out nice.

Painting:  I decided to go with a blue/purple palette for both figures.  The majority of the figures were painted with a dark purple (VGC Royal Purple) and dark blue (VGC Night Blue), with lighter highlight colors (VGC Hexed Lichen and Imperial Blue, respectively).  Dark gray (VGC Sombre Grey) was used for the base, and a variety of grays were used for the blades (VGC Coal Black, Wolf Grey, Sombre Grey).  I went with the "pale-skinned" style (VGC Pale Flesh, Wolf Grey, TAP Soft Tone Ink) for the Dark Elf Warrior.  A couple of washes (TAP Blue Tone Ink, Dark Tone Ink) were used to finish the figure and provide deeper shading.

Conclusion:  My goal was a fairly quick paint job, and it worked out pretty well.  I've had problems getting enough differentiation in shade with blues and purples in the past, so I exaggerated the colors a little more here.  While I can't say that it made the figures look particularly menacing, I do like the end result.

- M:M