Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kings of War: Ghouls

Today I wrapped up the last of my Undead units for Kings of War:  10 Ghouls.

First Look:  Mantic's Ghouls are another great example of a multi-part plastic kit.  The models provide a reasonable amount of variety with the extra bits provided, though not as much variation as the Skeletons set.  Cleanup was minimal, though the set could use additional variation to help support larger units.  There was a noticeable (though minor) issue with fit between certain torsos and legs, though it doesn't prohibit the combination.

Painting:  I stuck with the green/black/purple scheme that I used on my skeleton regiment.  Aside from giving the army continuity between regiments, I reasoned that the ghouls would probably scavenge whatever clothing they could find (whether that was fallen victims or other undead).  The primary colors were green (VGC Goblin Green), purple (VGC Royal Purple, Hexed Lichen), and black (VGC Coal Black).  Grays (VGC Wolf Grey, Coal Black) were used on the weapons, and medium-dark brown (VGC Dark Fleshtone) for the sacks.  The blood effects were done in red (VGC Gory Red) for the gore of fresh kills and the seemingly self-inflicted wounds from the spikes (perhaps as a rite of a "ghoul cult").  The ghouls' skin was painted gray (VGC Cold Grey), and given a light brown wash (TAP Soft Tone Ink).  Other inks (TAP Green and Purple Tone Inks) were used to provide shading on the clothing.  Finally, the eyes were painted yellow (VGC Gold Yellow) to provide a sort of feral appearance.

Conclusion:  I really like how the unit turned out; there's good variety, the colors turned out nicely, and I think the ghouls stand out enough from my unit of zombies so that the two don't get confused.  I still need to finish the bases (especially the white card to which all of the figures are attached).  Having finished all of the Undead units from the Kings of War Two Player Battle Set, that's the last remaining item to complete the army.

- M:M