Friday, May 22, 2015

Reaper Bones: Water Weird

Today I completed another figure from Bones II, this one from the Water Elementals set:  77310 Water Weird.

First Look:  The figures in the Water Elementals set are all made of a translucent blue Bonesium, and I thought it worked particularly well for this figure.  The slender body of the figure allows the light to pass through easily, and really plays up the translucent effect.  The model only needed slight cleanup, mostly on the base to remove mold lines, but the detail is very sharp.

Painting:  The stone base was painted a bluish-gray (VGC Sombre Grey) and given a black wash (TAP Dark Tone Ink) to bring out the cracks and texturing.  The majority of the figure's body was left untouched, to maintain the translucency.  The face has a couple of lighter blues (VGC Magic Blue, Electric Blue) with a blue wash (TAP Blue Tone Ink) to provide shading and help the eyes and teeth stand out.  The latter were painted a very light gray (VGC Wolf Gray).  The gems on the base were painted with a combination of blue and gray (Magic Blue, Electric Blue, Wolf Grey, and Blue Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  This was a very quick figure to complete, and I really like how it turned out.  By only putting paint on the face (mainly to bring out the details) and the stone base, the majority of the model still benefit from the blue translucent effect.

- M:M