Saturday, October 24, 2015

Super Dungeon Explore: Pets (Part 1)

Since the Royal Warden was so fun to paint, I decided to dig out some more Super Dungeon Explore figures to paint.  SDE: Forgotten King includes six Pets for the Heroes, so I grabbed some and got to work.  Here are the first three Pets:  Mr. Chompers, Admiral Fuzzybottom, and Miss G. Snorts.

First Look:  What can I say?  They're cute little chibi pets that help out the Heroes in SDE.  Each of the pets has its own reference card, which I referred to for the coloration.  They're relatively large (for 28mm-scale pets), but it definitely fits the chibi style (plus it made them a little easier to paint).  Cleanup was pretty straightforward, and they have smart placement of mold lines.

Painting:  Since these three figures were painted separately (and rather differently), I'll break it down by model.  All of the bases were painted a medium gray and given a black wash (VGC Cold Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink).

Mr. Chompers (the dragon) was painted with pinkish-purple scales (VGC Hexed Lichen, Wardlord Purple, Squid Pink) and off-white claws and teeth (MSP Linen White).  The eyes were painted a pale yellow (MSP Sun Yellow, Linen White).  The model was shaded with a combination of light brown and black inks (AP Soft Tone Ink, Dark Tone Ink).

Admiral Fuzzybottom (the cat) was basecoated an off-white (MSP Linen White), then shaded up to a light brown (MSP HD Griffon Tan).  The dark stripes of fur were painted a dark brown (MSP HD Umber Brown).  The eyes were painted a light yellow-green (VGC Escorpena Green, MSP Clear Yellow).  The ears are light pink (VGC Squid Pink), and the mouth a dark red (VGC Scarlett Red).  Again, the figure was finished with a combination of light brown and black inks (AP Soft Tone Ink, Dark Tone Ink).

Miss G. Snorts (the dog) was probably the most straightforward of the set.  The fur was painted a bluish-gray, then shaded up with a medium gray (VGC Sombre Grey, Cold Grey).  The nose was painted black (VGC Coal Black), and the figure shaded with black ink (AP Dark Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  Honestly, I'm surprised at how well these turned out!  I don't normally get to paint something with direct reference art, so I'm pleased that I managed to do a pretty good job eyeing the various colors.  There are three more Pets to complete, so look for those in the future!

- M:M