Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reaper Bones: Vermin: Spider Swarm

This week's Monday Miniature is the 77128 Vermin: Spider Swarm, a pretty basic pair of miniatures:

I didn't go into a lot of detail on the spiders for a few reasons.  First, it's a swarm, so they're all jumbled together and the "mass effect" is the most important element (compared to individuality).  Second, I figured they'd most likely be the same species of spider, so there naturally wouldn't be a huge variation.  And finally, I wanted to use it as a brief experiment with washes, so I needed the base colors to be roughly identical.

The figure on the left of the picture above was washed using a combination of dark brown and black washes, while the one on the left was washed using a lighter brown wash.  To make sure they weren't completely identical, I tried to paint different spiders black on the two bases.  Overall, I feel that they're similar enough to be in the same swarm, but different enough to provide some variety; I'm pretty pleased with the effect.

Next week's figure is 77086 Townsfolk: Strumpet; I expect to see some interesting entries for that one!

- M:M