Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reaper Bones: Drago Voss, Rats, Vermin: Rat Swarm

This week I was able to make some good progress on a few more Bones from the Vampire set.  As hinted at, the first figure was inspired by my Skeletor take on Malek, Necromancer a few weeks ago.  So, here is one of Skeletor's Evil Warriors: Tri-Klops.

77093 Drago Voss, Male Assassin

I know the resemblance is much weaker than "Malek as Skeletor", but I think it still fits (at least if Tri-Klops wore heavier armor for the occasion).  The backstory of Tri-Klops is that he was a blind swordsman, and given Drago's relatively poor head mold (which I believe is the reason the figure is not offered at retail) I made a minor modification by adding a blindfold.  Unfortunately, Tri-Klops has a pretty limited color palette, so I tried to balance out the colors on the figure.

Conclusion:  Considering how loose the figure resembles my inspiration, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I think I should have used a second color of green to give the armor more variety, but otherwise I think it turned out as a solid piece.

There's not much to say about these:  they're the rats from the Dungeon Attack set.  I figured they were "low-hanging fruit" of sorts, and decided to get them done.  I was surprised how quick they were to paint, even using a variety of browns (I used a mix of four different shades, plus two brown washes).

Conclusion:  Very pleased with how the batch turned out; there's good variety, acceptable detail, and they didn't take too long to paint.  If only all figures went this smoothly!

Again, a rather straightforward figure and painted similarly to the Rats above.  Since the rats are in a big blob, I used a sort of rough wet blending to paint them; I wasn't too concerned with keeping the colors distinct for each individual rat in the swarm.

Conclusion:  Similar to the individual Rats, the variety turned out nicely and was pretty quick to finish.  I think I only have the two Beetle Swarm figures left to be painted from the Vermin set, and then it will be complete.

That's it for now; a short gallery, I know, but it is 15 more figures completed!  Assuming my count is accurate, I have completed 73 of the figures from Bones I.  My goal is to finish 100 figures by the time I receive my Bones II shipment, so I still have a ways to go.

Also, this week's Monday Miniature (77140 Townsfolk: Village Rioter) is coming up (I expect to have mine posted tomorrow).  Beyond that, I'd like to complete the Kobolds from the Dungeon Attack set, and Skeletor has several more henchmen to be painted...

- M:M