Sunday, June 22, 2014

Reaper Bones: Harpy

This week on Monday Miniatures we return to the New 30 from Bones I with 77041 Harpy:

Right off, I thought the tail was a bit of an odd addition, sort of blurring the lines between avian and reptilian.  In retrospect, I would kind of like to see the figure painted up along the lines of a couatl.  Maybe that will be a project once I get through the Vampire set!

I went with a heavy gray/brown theme for my harpy, and I think all of the base colors were blends (though some were very minor).  The hair was painted with a light gray, though even with highlights it doesn't stand out as much as I'd like from the feathers.  The scarf was painted a mid-dark red, and her bracelet is gold (which no doubt caught the harpy's eye due to it's shiny nature).  The bracer on the other hand was painted a mid-brown, and reminds me of a falconer's glove (and I like the irony there, given the harpy's birdlike nature).

Conclusion:  This figure was another straightforward one, due to the general lack of equipment.  I like the dynamic sculpt, and the fact that it's not just a "woman with wings".  I would have liked her hair to stand out a little more, and I might go back and add something to the claws to draw more attention to them.  That said, I'm pleased with how the figure turned out.  My matte sealer "fogged" the figure significantly, so I used a trick I read on the Reaper forum (vegetable oil or the like).  This definitely brought the color back, but it also made the figure quite glossy.  I'm giving it some time to dry out to see if the effect stays, or if I need to re-matte the figure.

Next week's figure is another of the Dungeon Attack set:  77016 Rats.

- M:M