Sunday, June 15, 2014

Reaper Bones: Neb'nesew, Mummy Lich

This week's Monday Miniature is back to the Who's Your Mummy set with 77147 Neb'nesew, Mummy Lich:

I loved this figure ever since I first received my Bones I Vampire set, but I never could decide on how I wanted to paint him.  When he came up in the Monday Miniatures schedule a few weeks back, I was both excited (because I'd finally get to paint him) and slightly intimidated (because this was one of the figures I wanted to turn out well, to do the miniature justice).

As you can see, I went with a very gold-heavy theme (which seemed fitting with the Ancient Egyptian motif and the sheer amount of ornamentation on the figure).  Looking at references for pharaohs and Egyptian gods, I stuck with a lot of white, but dirtied it with brown washes to represent the wear from ages of neglect.  I used blue to accentuate several pieces as glazes or inlaid gemstones.  From here, I was starting to feel like the palette was a little too limited, so I decided to through some black in on the crown, backpack, and shendyt (kilt).  I like the stitches down the front of the abdomen (no doubt a result of the mummification process), which I painted a mid-brown to differentiate from the gray-brown skin.

Conclusion:  I'm really pleased with how the figure turned out.  It seemed kind of straightforward at the start, but then the details started popping out.  The mantle and apron in particular have a lot of sculpted detail, so I wanted to add a bit of color there.  The tiny size of the details was very challenging to work with, as the colors used (gold and blue) would be very obvious if I made a mistake.

This leaves me with one more figure from the Who's Your Mummy set, and it will be complete.  Next week, we're back to the New 30 with 77041 Harpy.

- M:M