Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reaper Bones: Medusa

For this week's Monday Miniatures figure, we're back to the New 30 set with 77037 Medusa.

I went with a theme inspired by the Medusa from the old "Clash of the Titans" movie.  As such, I went with darker greens for most of the figure, though lightening the front to draw attention to the snake hair, face, and front of the torso.  I used a brown wash to bring out some details, though I kept it light to keep it from making the green parts look dirty or scummy.  Also, I would like to add that this figure was a very clean cast, and required very little cleanup of mold lines.  I still feel that cleanup is an area that metal trumps Bones, as I find Bones figures considerably more finicky when trying to remove mold lines due to the elasticity of the material.

Conclusion:  I'm really happy with how this figure turned out, especially the glowing eyes.  That's the first time I've attempted glowing eyes, and only the second attempt as object source lighting (OSL), and it was using yellow as well (which is a notoriously difficult color to work with).

Next week's figure is 80007 The Black Mist.  Since I've already completed this figure, I'll try to pick out a stand-in.

- M:M