Sunday, August 31, 2014

Reaper Bones: Townsfolk: Innkeeper

For Monday Miniatures this week, the target figure is 80007 The Black Mist from the Chronoscope set.  Since I completed this figure back in June and posted it here, I won't repeat it in this post.

However, I did take the opportunity to complete 77084 Townsfolk: Innkeeper from the Townsfolk I set:

I like this figure, as he is stout enough to serve as a retired adventurer or just a big guy running an inn.  He has a somewhat imposing stature and expression, like he's not going to take any nonsense in his fine establishment, but he does not seem sinister.  I think this sort of "neutral" jack-of-trades approach to common NPCs is an excellent approach, as it makes the figure suitable for a wider array of characters.

In keeping with his "neutral supporting NPC" role, I wanted to keep him in fairly generic colors.  However, I didn't want to paint him in all browns and grays, so for some color I used a mid-dark blue for his shirt and mid-dark red for the pants.  I used a trick I read about, mixing a little blue in with the red to better harmonize the colors; it's hard to see, but it shifted the red slightly more maroon.  The apron started as bone white, with multiple splats of a couple different brown washes to make it look used.  I decided to just paint the mug brown (perhaps wood or clay), rather than trying to paint a glass effect.

Conclusion:  I'm very happy with how the blues and reds turned out on this figure.  I feel like the brown liner was a little too heavy in areas when I was applying it, but I think subsequent layering of other colors mitigated it.  The apron wound up a little dirtier than I intended, but not ridiculously so.  He still looks like an innkeeper, and not a cook at a greasy diner!

Next week's figure is 77094 Trista, the White Wolf.  I'm looking forward to this figure, as it's a very nice sculpt, so I'll try to do it justice.

- M:M